About Tiffany

Hi Everyone –

Thanks for taking a couple of minutes out of your busy day to learn more about me.

I am, by my own admission, obsessed with simplifying life.  I love every part of it; discovering there’s a problem, designing a solution (product or class), testing the solution, and then my favorite part, sharing the solution.  For those of us interested in simplifying our lives and getting organized, I’m sure it’s interesting.  For the family that lives with me, not so much.  I regularly hear things like, “Mom, not everything needs to be improved – give me back my (you can fill in just about anything here -notebook, backpack, orange juice pitcher… they all could use some improvement).”

I have 2 sons, London (22) and Max (20), a husband Park (60 something) and Petey the Pie Bald Dachshund (6).

Both of the boys are students at Arizona State University. Max is a senior at the Tempe Campus and London is a senior at the PHX Downtown campus.  Max wants to graduate early, so he would technically be a junior, but he's been taking extra classes.

Park and Petey love to roam around in the great outdoors.  Park is quite a talented photographer.  You can see his beautiful photos on Instagram @ParkKitchings.


We live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Yes we get a lot of rain here, but the gray days have a gorgeous effect on outdoor life.  Spring flowers are abundant, Summer mountain hikes are amazing, the fall season is crisp and refreshing, and winter brings snow for skiing, snowboarding and snow shoeing.

I’m also fortunate to get to head to Florida about once a month to work with HSN – so if the weather has been unusually grey, I'm happy to get an opportunity to dry out and warm up.

I’m passionate about my family and my job.  If I’m not with one I’m with the other.  I truly love to work and feel very fortunate to have a career that is so rewarding.

I started Triple-T Designs in 2003 with my mother (author Tamara Merrill) and sister, (scrapmaster Theresa Banks).  Their lives took them in other directions (out of the Pacific Northwest) so now it’s just me.  Well, not just me exactly...I’ve got some amazing employees who keep everything running smoothly.

The Triple-T journey has been amazing.  We started with just one product line, The ScrapRack. In 2012 we started developing other products and now we have 7 lines; The ScrapRack, Stash and Store, Metal Maid, EZ2 Organize, Fab Files, Maid 4 Art, Desk Maid, and Totally-Tiffany .

One of the coolest things about owning this business are the ideas that are shared with me by readers/customers like you.  Many of our ScrapRack page designs, as well as some of the EZ2O products have all come into existence because you made a suggestion or needed a problem solved.  Please keep your suggestions and questions coming.  They are the inspiration for our product designs. You can always send a suggestion to us via email. CustomerService@Totally-Tiffany.com.

Thanks again for taking time to stop by and learn a little about me.  I truly appreciate your interest and support.

T Initial