8.5×11 Tabbed Divider Pockets – 2 ways

Do you love the supplies offered by manufacturers in the UK and other countries outside the USA, but have difficulty storing them because their standard paper is slightly different than USA standard paper? I'm happy to report that 2 of our newest product additions work great for 8.5 x 11 and A4.  We've made a Fab File and a Paper Handler that are a little longer than 8.5" and a little wider than A4 - allowing you to store either size of easily.  Here are a few side by side comparisons.

Horizontal/Landscape orientation pockets. Tabs can be labeled with our Large Shut Your Flap Tabs, white sticker labels are included.

The pockets are 12" long x 8 5/8" tall.

These pockets fit perfectly in our 8.5x11/A4 Fab File.

Vertical/Portrait orientation pockets.  These also come with white sticker labels.  The tabs are 1.75" long.

The pockets are 11 7/16" tall and 8 3/4" wide.

These pockets will help you divide and organize supplies that are stored in our 8.5x11/A4 Paper Handler.

What type of products can be used with these tabbed divider pockets?

Both pockets will hold the same types of items.  The question is do you prefer to store your items horizontally, in a Fab File with a lid, or vertically in a Paper Handler that is open at the top for fast easy access.

Cardstock - about 10 sheets.

Paper - about 15 sheets.

Scraps - Lots and lots!

Large stamp sets - 1-2 sets, these are the type that are often included in the UK crafting magazines.

These pockets are also perfect for storing large stencils.

Other uses

This size is perfect for use outside of your craft room as well.  You'll be able to round up everything from tissue paper to passports.  Here are a few ideas for you to ponder.  Most of these are shown in the horizontal orientation, but they could easily be applied to the vertical as well.

Store and organize small gift bags in your Fab File.  Keep tissue paper neatly organized and safe from damage in your tabbed divider pockets.

Put together a "grab and go" emergency box filled with your important papers. Use the pockets for small items or to sort categories of paper work.

Organize magazine by type or subject.  Use the tabbed divider pockets for separating subjects or storing clipping - I use them for recipes and those small recipe book inserts that come in my cooking magazines.

Organizing mementos for scrapbooking can be a challenge. The tabbed divider pockets make it easy.  Label the pockets by date or event and you'll be able to store mementos for easy access later.

Vertical/Portrait orientation tabbed divider pockets, set of 5 - Learn more or shop now. These are part of Paper Handler product line.

Horizontal/Landscape orientation, tabbed divider pockets, set of 5 - Learn more or shop now. These are part of our Fab File product line.

Thanks for popping by today to learn a little bit more about our tabbed divider pockets.  If you have other ideas about how and where to use these, I hope you'll share them with me/us, by leaving a comment in the box below.

Happy Organizing -


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