5×7 Tabbed Divider Pockets

Our 5x7 tabbed divider pockets can be a simple solution for a variety of craft supply storage issues.

The basic information:

Name: Stamp Pockets
5 tabbed pockets per pack.
Exterior pocket dimensions: 7 3/8" x 5.25". The tab adds 1/2" to the height.

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What T-T products can be used with these pockets?

These pockets fit in both our 5x7 Fab File and the Karen Buddy Bag.  They are included with the Crazy for Card Making organizer kit - which includes the Karen Buddy Bag.

What types of products can be organized and stored in these handy little pockets?

5x7 is a very common size in the world of paper crafting.  Photos, Embellishments, Post Cards, and Stamps are just a few of the items that commonly come in this dimension.

Store sets of stamps together, like this Anna Griffin Christmas collection. Our Small Shut Your Flap label tabs are a great sizes for labeling these pockets.

Store dies and stamps together.  Remember to always try to "keep things together you use together." Stephanie Barnard - Friends 4 Cookie set.

10 - 20 pockets will fit in either the 5x7 Fab File or the Karen Buddy Bag. If you're only putting 1 sheet of stamps in each pocket you'll be able to fit as many as 20 pockets into either container. If you're packing your pockets full of 3-d embellishments or multiple stamps sets 10 pockets is a more likely number.

Our Tabbed Divider Pockets come in 6 sizes.  You're sure to find the perfect pockets for organizing your craft supplies or home office - visit our website now to see all the available sizes.

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