5×7 Fab File – Accessorize for stamps and dies.

5x7 craft supply organization can be easy with the 5x7 Fab File and a few accessories.

If you've used our 5x7 Fab File, you already know that this Fab File comes with 6 reusable file folders - ideal for organizing photos.  Since we've introduced this Fab File size, it's evolved to hold a variety of craft supplies.  Top of the list, stamps, and dies.

Perfect for stamps and dies

The 5x7 size is an almost "standard" size for stamps and dies.  To create a custom stamp and/or die organizer, start with a 5x7 Fab File - called the Card Maker's Fab File and add Stamp Pockets, 5x7 Magnetic Sheets or Sticky Die Storage Cards.

Use the 5x7 Card Maker's Fab File with 5x7 Stamp Pockets and 5x7 Magnets to organize your dies and stamps together.

If you're trying to get your stamps and dies organized, consider using the same 4 Section System I recommend for all of your supplies.  If you're a Gloria Gottalotta when it comes to stamps and dies, I would strongly recommend cataloging them and storing them numerically.

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