5 Reasons to LOVE our 2″ Punch & Supply Pack

If you're familiar with our EZ2Organize product line and specifically our Punch Packs, you probably already know how versatile they are.  If you're not familiar, Punch Packs come in 3 depths - 1", 1.5", and 2".  They all have an interior dimension of 8.5x11'' and the really great feature to all of them, is the lightweight plastic pull out tray.

We introduced them as a way to store and organize craft punches, but they are so versatile, that we are changing their name to Punch & Supply Packs.

I digress, my mission here is to share with you 5 ways these can be used to help you get and stay organized in your craft room and few other places as well.

At the risk of sounding like Captain Obvious, the first reason to love these is for storing punches.  The handle at the top has been reinforced because punches are so heavy.  I also use wide, glittery washi tape to help reinforce the tray and to make the punch pack match my room and look pretty.

You already know I'm a planner junkie!  I usually carry my planner supplies to and from the office in a ditto bag (see pic), but when I'm traveling for work, the Ditto is too large to carry with me.  So, instead of using the Ditto Bag, I pack up the essentials for working in my planner in a 2" punch pack.  That includes stickers, washi, and even a Debra Buddy Bag filled with colored pens.

Keeping things together, you use together - like this set from Sweet Stamp Shop.

Yes, you can store 24 jars of Nuvo Embellishment Paste in a 2" Punch Pack.

Do you love WeR Punch Boards, but struggle with how to store them?  The 2" Punch Pack is a perfect size for most of them.  It's roomy enough to store the boards, accessories, and instructions, all in one nice neat little package.

The timer is going off on the oven, so I'll wrap it up for now.  But check back later.  There are many more ways to use these cool little packs and I'll be posting them over the next few days.  If you're already using them I hope you'll leave a comment and let me know your favorite use.

Want to learn more?  Visit the Punch Pack page to see all of the options.

Thanks for stopping by today!

3 Responses to 5 Reasons to LOVE our 2″ Punch & Supply Pack

  1. I just purchased my first 2″ punch pack to see how I would use it. I have few large punches, most are small, I have ALOT of stamps. I would rather have this outside container with TWO 1″ trays inside, That way I could store double the stamps/small punches without having to move around so many containers.

    • Thanks for the review, JoAnn. We do have a 1″ version that’s perfect for wood-mounted rubber stamps and small punches. We also have a double-sided 1″ bag for twice the storage in one place. There are SO many uses for the 2″ pack – look through the pictures on the product page and you might find more ideas you could use. But for stamps, I think you’ll LOVE the 1″ bags. You can see them here (along with a few other options for wood stamps): https://www.totally-tiffany.com/craft-storage/stamp-storage/

  2. I love these bags. I struggled with punches taking to much space these bags have done wonder for me. I have some thicker punches would like a 21/2inch to maybe 3 inch. Love you organization system,and all the other items I have bought you put a lot of thought in what you do.

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