12×12 Paper Cart Combo

The question isn't if you need one, it's how many do you need?

The 12x12 Paper Cart Combo is the perfect way to put your craft supplies on wheels.  This handy little cart combo includes 5 or our 12x12 Paper Handlers.  They can be used on the bottom shelf or the top shelf. (Already own Paper Handlers or other paper storage boxes? Our Perfect Paper Cart is also available on it's own - learn more.)

It's just 25.25" (64cm) tall which means you can easily roll it under your desk or under your work table for storage.  At it's widest point, the base is 16" (40.5cm) deep and 17.75" (44.8cm)wide.  The shelves are 12" (30.5cm)deep x 16" (40.5cm) across.

Heavy duty casters will accommodate up to 100 pounds (45kgs) of paper and supplies.  Two of the casters are locking.

Add Desk Maid to your cart

Combine the 12x12 Paper Cart Combo with any of our 15" Desk Maid Organizers to create the perfect rolling craft stations for stamping, card making, or general crafting. Click on each of the images below to enlarge.

But that's not all...

Imagine being able to pull your paper and other supplies right up next to you when you need it, and push it into the corner or under your desk when you don't.  The top shelf will easily accommodate a second set of 12x12 Paper Handlers, or any number of other storage tools.

The 12x12 Paper Cart is deep enough to hold our 12x12 Craft Binder, any of the Stash and Store boxes, 12x12 Fab Files, Punch & Supply Packs  and even your 12x12 Albums in progress.

If you're like me and you've got a plethora of paper trimmers, the top shelf will keep them organized and accessible - maybe even your WeR Punch Boards too!

Additional Paper Handlers can be purchased individually or in sets of 5.

How will you use your Paper Cart Combo? I can't wait to hear/see what you come up with!

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13 Responses to 12×12 Paper Cart Combo

  1. My first 12×12 Paper Cart will hold 12×12 paper on the bottom and Spinder Binders on top. The second 12×12 Paper Cart will hold more 12×12 paper/kits on the bottom and my 12×12 Stacks specifically bought for craft fair items so I can work on those projects quickly, but the weight of all those paper stacks adds up quick so this cart is perfect for that!

  2. This cart looks like just what I really need and 3 to 4 would Proably do the job… Are they available here in Australia? If so do you know who that might be please..

    • Hi Lindi –
      They are not currently available in AU, however, we have just started working with Craftonline and I believe if you wanted to preorder through them they would bring these in for you on their next order. Would you mind if I shared your contact information with their buyer?

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